#40 - The Premium Kobe League Tee

#40 - The Premium Kobe League Tee

How do you honor a legend who gave his whole life to a game he loved? When Kyrie Irving reposted a photo on IG of Lakers’ great Kobe Bryant as the new face of the NBA logo, it sparked an idea in my head.

I saw that graphic and decided that fans would love to have it on a shirt. Our finishing touch was to add a quote from Kobe’s “Dear Basketball” short film to the back of the 7.5oz premium cotton black tees.

My good friend and photographer based in LA, Osiris Frames, helped out with taking photos of the tee near a Kobe and Gigi mural around his way.

The result were these awesome shots of him wearing the tee with both Kobe and Gigi high above, a sentiment that we wanted to convey in the product shoot.

Our Premium Kobe League Tee available now: https://9450apparel.com/products/kobe-logo-tee

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