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#41 - Tokyo Hoops Tee and Olympic Basketball

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in full swing and the Men’s Gold medal match set to be played soon between Team France and Team USA, we at 9450 wanted to commemorate this year’s Olympic Games with our own spin of the Olympic Rings.

Introducing our Tokyo Hoops Tee — by turning the Rings into hoops we don’t think anyone will mistake you for an archery fan this summer. International hoops is always interesting as year after year we see overseas teams get better and compete with the Spains, USAs, and Frances of the world.

Case in point: Luka Magic has hit Tokyo. Over the past couple of weeks Luka Doncic has left his imprint on the game. Scoring 48 points against Argentina or 1 of 3 triple doubles in all of Olympic history against France just recently. It’s been awesome to see him develop in real time.

As an American company we’re biased and hope Team USA runs away with the Gold medal next game!

Our Tokyo Hoops Tee is available now here:

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