#42 - 2022 Super Bowl LVI Weekend Los Angeles

#42 - 2022 Super Bowl LVI Weekend Los Angeles

This February 9450 Media got the opportunity to travel out west to experience Super Bowl LVI weekend. It was a great time attending some of the big sports media events and meeting people involved in all areas of sport whether it be agents, venture capitalists, players, or fellow media members.

The biggest event was Friday’s Bloomberg Power Players Summit hosted by James Goldstein at his beautiful Sheats-Goldstein Residence located at the top of Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills. With it’s breathtaking views of Los Angeles it was the perfect backdrop for Bloomberg’s day of events and panel talks.

First we met legendary running back, Los Angeles Ram Eric Dickerson, as he was signing and gifting out copies of his new book “Watch My Smoke”. Being a basketball guy I wasn’t too familiar with his story but after reading his book I gained an appreciation his work in the NFL and career overall. Then we got a chance to hear from speakers like Arthur Blank, Charlotte Jones, Baron Davis, and Rich Paul amongst other heavy hitters in the sports business world; it was a great experience and very insightful. Afterwards we were given time to network and meet other attendees It was definitely a great mix of people from different backgrounds and areas of expertises.

Next up was the Twitter Super Bowl party, hosted by the legend himself, Teju (TJ) Adeshola from Twitter Sports. It’s always great to connect with other people working in sports social media or brand management. We’re our own tribe and when we come together it makes all of us sharpen our game! Thank you to Twitter for throwing an awesome networking event.

The next day we started early with the Toasted Life Day Party, shout out to my guy Matt Tuffor at TL. Toasted Life is a San Francisco based community driven platform that caters to millennials that work at in tech. Their day party was a great network event and as someone who works in technology it was insightful to connect with people from Google, Spotify, Microsoft and many other companies. The venue they chose was perfect for the amount of guests they had, I personally liked how we had an amazing view of the Capitol Records building across the street!

From there we went to the Jack Daniel’s event at Union Station. Picture a pop up art gallery, DJ on turntables, and Jack flowing through out the party - except the party is hosted in a beautiful 1939 designed railroad terminal. Felt surreal but so did the whole weekend!

Super Bowl Sunday finally came around and we were graciously invited to Cameo’s Super Bowl watch party at a beautiful Beverly Hills mansion. It was the greatest watch party I’ve ever gone to with out a doubt, complete with an rooftop outdoor balcony, buffet style service and of course an open bar. When that epic halftime show hit we were having a ball! Though I was rooting for the underdog Cincinnati Bengals (as so were some of my new friends there), but we were happy for the host team Los Angeles Rams for winning the game.

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