#39 - NBA Top Shot Madness

#39 - NBA Top Shot Madness

You may have heard about a Lebron Top Shot moment that sold for $208,000 recently and asked yourself... what the hell is NBA Top Shot? Well I’m here to help you out with some fast facts about the relatively new digital trading platform endorsed by the NBA and a blockchain company called Dapper Labs.

At its core, NBA Top Shot is a blockchain platform where fans can buy/sell and trade officially licensed digital NBA moments. An example of a moment is Lebron’s turn around 3 a few weeks ago against the Houston Rockets. That video clip is now a serial collectible on the Top Shot market. I try to compare these moments to something easier to grasp like basketball trading cards.

How is it secure?

NBA Top Shot moments are created by the great folks at Dapper Labs who host them on their ETH blockchain (essentially a digital ledger that keeps track of who owns what).

Fans can purchase packs (when available) or individual moments in the Top Shot marketplace and complete challenges. When you collect all the moments in a certain challenge you will be rewarded with a limited edition moment. An example of this:

  “Collect all 9 Moments and score a rare Jimmy Butler Moment where the Miami Heat team leader in points and intensity keeps an eye on the clock while hitting a spin around Morris on defense to pop up the pretty little jumper.”

All in all I believe NBA Top Shot is a great platform that will serve to increase fan engagement for the league and become a new asset class for collectors and investors. This is a new beginning in investing for society and NFT products like collectible NBA moments or limited edition art pieces will continue to grow.

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