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#38 - The 2020 NBA Finals

Here we finally go!!

The Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Miami Heat for the Larry O’Brien! Bron & AD vs Jimmy Buckets & “Walking Bucket” Tyler Herro.

Outside looking in I had the Lakers winning in 5. Simply could not underestimate the heart of the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler’s game.

Lakers took Game’s 1 & 2 convincingly and made me believe there might be a sweep but the Heat bounced back with taking Game 3. The Lakers came back to take Game 4 and of course the Heat stuck around to take Game 5.

With the chip just one game away, Lebron does what he always do and put the team on his back to seal the deal with a masterful performance to take Game 6 and win his fourth chip and 4th FMVP. This makes it a historic moment for his career as he became the first player ever to win 3 FMVP with 3 different NBA teams. AD won his first (of hopefully many) NBA Championships and our guy Danny Green also won his 3rd championship with his 3rd team as well.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on their 17th NBA Championship! 🎉 What a blessing it was to see the NBA return and I believe we saw the best ballers play their best games without any distractions. 100% top shelf basketball. You almost wish they’d do a bubble again!

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