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#37 - The NBA Bubble

NBA season returned in the form of a bubble in Orlando, Florida. Crazy. The entire basketball world was 40 minutes away from my home. Would’ve been nice to get in there to capture content but unfortunately it was closed off from unpaid media. With the pandemic I totally understand the league’s decision to keep it strictly to players, coaching staff, and their own employees.

Amazing games and performances by the Phoenix Suns and their own Devin Booker. He even had a clutch game winning three that he hit and we put on a tee! Sad that they went 8-0 in the bubble to only not play in the postseason.

The Trail Blazers were on a roll too. Damien Lillard played out of his mind as a result won Bubble MVP. He helped Portland not only make the playoffs but also win one against the #1 seed in the West, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Denver Nuggets were a solid team led by Nikoli Jokic and Jamal Murry. Those guys came back from down 3-1 in consecutive series. Truly a historic run, unfortunately got stopped by the Lakers but I doubt that’s the last we see of that squad.

The Heat or Raptors were my pick to go to the ECF. The Bucks honestly looked shaky and simply do not have a solid offense when Giannis is off the floor. Middleton is my guy but it’s tough when he’s not knocking down shots.

Raptors were disappointing and were eliminated before the ECF. To me this  showed how big of an acquisition Kawhi Leonard was for them last year when they won the chip.

The Heat were on a roll to the Finals led by Jimmy Butler aka Big Face Coffee Owner aka Jimmy Buckets.




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