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#36 - Out West Recap

Yo what’s good 9450 fam! Hope all has been well as we navigate these wild and unprecedented times. This post will backtrack what we’ve been up to for the past few months.

The response to our ISO quarantine collection has been amazing. I truly appreciate the support of everyone who has bought a tee over the past few months! You guys have kept me busy with fulfilling orders whether it be tees or hats, without your support this brand would be nothing, so honestly thank you. We plan to drop more heat in the Fall so keep an eye out for that!

Now for the long over due LA trip highlights:

In late August I got the opportunity to visit LA for a week and support our homie Nick Briz on his trip to shoot content and connect with some brands and influencers out there. Made sure to rock my 9450 Apparel tees out there to introduce the brand to anyone we met.

This was my second time in LA and it was amazing. First off, the weather is beautiful. Second, we copped a BMW i8 to drive around in and that spaceship was mad fun to drive. The food was amazing too. Due to the pandemic, LA felt like a ghost town but oddly I appreciate experiencing the city during these times.

We got to visit the ASICS HQ in Irvine to link up with some Youtuber influencers for a private and safe runs. It was great meeting some of the influencers like White Iverson and Stephaniae.

Then we got invited out to the Ethika HQ for a entire tour plus another private influencers run as well. They blessed us with some swag too. (Shoutout to my guy Darius for the hook up.)

Also linked with the homie OsirisFrames while we were out there, good times as always.

Finally met up with the producer of the Inside the Green Room, my guy Jed Osman! Went to the SoHo in West Hollywood for brunch, amazing spot. If I lived in LA I would definitely get a membership there.

Came back with a new perspective and fuel to keep hustling, grinding, and continue growing the brand.

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