#7 - Brooklyn Nets vs Orlando Magic

#7 - Brooklyn Nets vs Orlando Magic

On Cyber Monday I purchased a ticket package through the Orlando Magic, this included 5 games for $49. Sounds like a steal right?

Well there’s one small catch.

Through the Orlando Magic App, you’re assigned your seat (at random) an hour before tip off. The seats varied between Lower Bowl and Upper Bowl; at about $10 a game it wasn’t a bad deal for myself and my friends (especially when you get upgraded at the first game but more on that later).

The first game of the package was against the visiting Brooklyn Nets. Up until this point they have been on a roll and were currently a playoff contender. It was exciting to see DeAngelo Russell, once the promising Lakers starting point guard to now having an amazing season and Block Star Jarrett Allen come in to town. This game was looking like a runaway victory for the Magic until the Nets comeback from being down 21 points! Unfortunately the home team loss 117-115, they’ll have to work on securing leads if they want to make it into the playoffs!



How I got upgraded at the Magic Game:

My friends and I started this game with Upper Bowl tickets through the Orlando Magic App but ended up courtside at halftime. You read that right COURTSIDE.

Right before halftime we noticed there were a lot of open seats in the Lower Bowl area so at halftime we decided to try our luck at getting down there. Luckily the usher at one of the Lower Bowl entrances turned us away and we ended up talking with a season ticket package sales rep nearby. You might be asking yourself “Wait did he just say luckily?” and yes I did, here’s where it gets interesting.

After a little small talk I told the rep I have a basketball apparel brand and worked with a trainer of the Magic before; he knew the guy and then proceeded to pull out TWO COURTSIDE TICKETS from his jacket pocket! A full courtside upgrade with access to their lounge which had free drinks and food. WE WENT FROM LOWER BOWL NOSEBLEEDS TO COURTSIDE IN A MATTER OF SECONDS!! It was an amazing experience, shout out to Chuck Litchy for the assist and thank you once again!


Check out some of the game highlights on our IG: 



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