#19 - The Viral Video!

#19 - The Viral Video!

Over the past six months 9450 Apparel has worked with IG content creator and freak athlete Nick Briz on his IG videos on his @_nickbriz account. 

Through out the many videos we have filmed, one took off recently during Memorial Day Weekend and here we are with millions of views over a couple of days on our LeBron themed clip!

It's been crazy to see the views and likes go up on these posts and we know this is a big step in the right direction as contributors in the social media entertainment space. What started out over a common interest in basketball has turned into building brands together.

I can't lie I was in awe of seeing something I helped film on my phone end up on House of Highlights' IG page. HoH is one of the pioneers of social media sports content, to be associated with a big name like that is motivation to keep producing content people want to see and enjoy.


2.1 million views on Bronny James Jr. Twitter page, what?!

House of Highlights!!! 1.3 million views and counting!

Without further ado, check out the full video below:

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