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#61 - ACES x Penny Hardaway - Penny 1s

ACES, the storytelling brand platform, is excited to announce an activation with legendary basketball player and coach Penny Hardaway to release a one-of-a-kind pair of Penny 1s.

The Penny x ACES Legacy activation is a celebration of Penny's journey and evolution as a legacy athlete. The shoe represents his transition from being a former player to becoming a college coach, and it honors his huge impact on the basketball landscape and the basketball culture of the 90s.

The Penny 1 shoe release was limited to the one-of-a-kind pair that Penny wore during the game on March 5. 

"It's not everyday you get to work & collaborate with one of the greatest to ever do it," said ACES founder Brian Kortovich. "We at ACES are truly humbled & honored to bring this to life to celebrate Penny's journey & evolution as a Legacy Athlete."

The Penny 1 shoe release is also representative of Penny's reemerging sneaker brand, and it is a testament to his enduring influence on the sneaker culture.

Check out photos of the exclusive ACES x Penny 1 here: 

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