#48 - 2022-2023 NBA Season Opening Week Recap

#48 - 2022-2023 NBA Season Opening Week Recap

A week has passed from NBA opening night and a lot of basketball action has come to pass in just a short amount of time.

The 2022-2023 NBA Season kicked off last Tuesday with a double header featuring the Philadelphia 76ers vs. the Boston Celtics and of course the reigning NBA champs, the Golden State Warriors vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Celtics looked great on their first outing of the season with the Sixers coming up short in a 126-117 battle.

After a well deserved ring night presentation the Warriors look poised for talks of a repeat, uprooting a troubled Lakers squad 123-109.

Tip Ins:

The debut of the overall #1 pick, Orlando Magic’s Paolo Banchero, with a now 0-4 team (despite his excellent play).

The Lakers offensive struggles (0-4 start at the time of writing this piece).

The Bucks off to an amazing start being the only undefeated team (3-0) in the Eastern Conference.

Ja Morant’s trampoline dunks and 49 points / 8 assists game.

Damian Lillard’s 41 back to back (first vs the Suns, then again vs the Lakers)

Just two days ago Devin Booker dropped 35 on the Warriors.

It’s safe to say that this season will be a whirlwind of amazing talent and play on the court and depending on how teams chemistry develops will be in for a wild ride.

Strap in and enjoy the show no matter who you’re a fan of!

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