#34 - Dallas Mavericks vs. Orlando Magic

#34 - Dallas Mavericks vs. Orlando Magic

The Wonder Boy Luka Doncic was in town yesterday along side the Dallas Mavericks for the first Magic game after the All-Star break. Everything you’ve heard about Luka is true, from his amazing passing skills to his ability to get open and knock down shots! His game is really impressive and as a fan of basketball it was great to see him play. The young 🐐 could one day be one of the greats, he’s definitely on the right path now!

The Magic started off slowly and reached blowout territory half way through the 1st quarter but after halftime were able to rally back into the game (thanks to an amazing 3rd Quarter effort by Evan Fournier) and had some momentum going into the 4th Quarter. This changed when Luka, Porzingis and the rest of the Mavs took their game up a notch and extinguished whatever hopes the boys in blue had of winning this match, with a sound 122-106 win over the Orlando Magic.


Love the orange ORL court the Magic has laid out for tonight’s game. The matching city jerseys are dope as well!

This Mavs/Magic game was the first for James Ennis III to play in an Orlando Magic uniform. I’m excited to see how he plays going forward and if adding him to the Magic’s rotation will help with staying in the playoff race this season.

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